Mayo Mayhem is located in on the West coast of Ireland, situated on the edge of Europe facing out into the North Atlantic. This means we are perfectly placed to take advantage of the frequent low pressure system that delivery an abundance of wind and swell resulting in epic windsurfing conditions   

Co Mayo is one of the best areas in Ireland to windsurf. It has loads of excellent windsurfing spots from lakes, beach breaks, slabs and reefs. The ever changing coastline means there are beaches facing every direction creating a huge variety of windsurfing opportunities. 

Mayo Mayhem is based on Achill Island. From here we have the choice of any one of 9 beautiful  beaches within a 5 to 80 minute drive. 

These 9 beaches work in every wind direction and ever swell direction with the exception of an East swell. This means if there is wind and swell we can run the competition. 

1) keel Beach Achill Island 

Mayo Mayhem is based at keel Beach .The beach is a long curving beach that faces south and south west. It picks up most swell directions. SW wind is side on, W is side shore and NW is side off. The best is SW to W . A NW can work but it needs to be very windy as the high headland blocks the wind. 

Waves here can get well over mast and a half ,  due to shape of the beach there are lot of sailing options. The North end of the beach gets smaller waves, the more south you go in the bay the bigger the surf gets. 

Keel is a fantastic spot for hosting a competition as it has easy access, loads of space for parking with shops ,pubs ,toilets and accommodation all nearby,-10.0823786,15z

 2) Mulranny 

25 minutes south of keel is a Murrivaugh Beach in the village of Mulranny. This is an awesome spot .The beach faces south west and is sheltered from the Atlantic. Mulranny works when keel goes bat shit crazy and is massive. Mulranny requires a big swell of over 4mtrs before it starts working. When it works you are rewarded with nice clean 2 -3 mtr waves. When you get a very big swell (8-10 mtr) out at sea waves here can get logo to mast high in Mulranny. When other spots are too big and messed up to sail, Mulranny can be perfect 

Best wind is NW, Where keel gets blocked in a NW here the wind is  accelerated as it comes through a gap delivering side shore conditions. W also works and is side on, E is side off and also works as long as there is swell 

Mulranny is a good competition venue as it has easy access, good parking and a village near by with shops etc. To get here just look out for Mulranny golf club and it’s just beside it.

 Keel to Mulranny 29km 25 min,-9.7641683,15z


3/4) Louisburgh 

80 minutes south from Achill is Louisburgh. This area has two very good competition beaches, Carrownisky and Silver Strand ( Cross) . Both beaches face west with Silver Strand a bit more WNW. Both work with wind from S, SE, SW, N, NE. The best direction is S or SE. 

Both beaches are very open to Atlantic swell so pick up most swell directions. 

Beach access and parking is excellent. Shops are about a 10 minute drive. We use this location if the wind and swell come in south of Achill. 

Keel to Carrownisky / Silver Strand 84km 1.20 min,-9.8851221,15z


5) Elly Beach

Belmullet peninsula is the windiest place in Europe. Here you will find Elly beach. This spot offers absolutely Epic windsurfing. The beach faces west with a touch of north and has little or no obstacle to protect it from the full fury of the North Atlantic. It picks up any swell direction and works with wind from S,SE,SW ,N, NE . The best wind is S or SE producing side to side off wave sailing condition. Elly beach has a mix of a beach and reef breaks. The waves here can get well over mast high but be warned it can be tricky at high tide and if anything goes wrong the next stop is North American 

Hosting a competition here is possible but not ideal as there is only parking on the beach for the judge’s car and a few other cars. Competitors have to park on the dirt road leading to the beach. This means they can’t see the action or competition information easily from their cars.  Shops and other service are about a 15 minute drive. That said it does offer epic conditions and is the most reliable windsurfing location in Ireland. It can be worth the not so ideal set up.

 Keel to Elly Beach 91km 1.15 min,-10.0988474,3563m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4859a1198abe60bf:0x38837808ff61f861!8m2!3d54.157293!4d-10.0996946


 6) Drum beach. 

1km north of Elly beach is Drum beach. This is a slightly curved beach that faces NW to W to SW. It is very similar to Elly but slightly more sheltered from a NW swell. It does offer a great range of wind directions by moving up or down the curve of the beach. It works best in a S,SE,N, NE. 

This is a great location to hold a competition as it has easy access, loads of parking and great views of the action. Elly beach can at times have better waves due to the reefs but Drum is more competition friendly. Shops etc 10 min drive. 

Keel to Elly Beach 90km 75min,-10.0860983,1020m/data=!3m1!1e3


7)Cross Beach

Around the corner from Drum beach you will find Cross Beach. Cross beach is unique in that it faces North West which makes it very special. The prevailing south west wind is side shore here. Cross is also the most Northerly beach that we use which means that it catches any wind from low pressure systems that come in high . 

 Cross beach works in S SW,W and NE winds. The waves here are usually smaller than Drum or Elly due to the direction the beach faces. There are some islands that shelter the beach from the full force of the North Atlantic. Cross can be good if the swell is big and other places are unsailable, this beach can still be working.

Hosting a competition here can be tricky as the competition set up is 600mtrs away from the parking area also parking here is also limited.  Sometime it is possible to drive onto the beach but it is dependent on a small sandy track that sometime is passable and other times it’s not. In the past we have had to drive around from Drum beach in a 4X4 and competitors having to sail or walk their kit up to the competition site.  Shops etc are a 7 min drive.

 Keel to Cross Beach 87km 75 min,-10.0827191,1020m/data=!3m1!1e3

 8) Falmore (Fál Mór)

Located at the very bottom of the Belmullet peninsula you will find Falmore beach. A stunningly beautiful beach that faces south. The best wind direction is SW, W, NW but it will also work in E or NE if there is swell. This beach comes into its own when there is a massive swell that wraps into this little bay.  

Hosting a competition here is good as there is easy access with good parking allowing for easy spectating and set up. Shops etc  are a 20 min drive.

Keel to Falmore 98km 80min,-10.0677189,8137m/data=!3m1!1e3

 9) Black Sod

Also located at the very bottom of the Belmullet peninsula you will find black sod beach. A beautiful location with a beach that faces south west. The best wind directions is SW, W but will also work in E or NE if there is swell . Like Falmore this beach works when other spots are impossible to get out in when there is a massive swell. Here it wraps into this bay delivering some excellent safe fun conditions.  

Hosting a competition here is good as there is easy access with good parking allowing for easy spectating and set up. There is a pub here that is sometime open but shops etc are a 15 min drive.

 Keel to Black sod 98km 80 min,-10.0677189,8137m/data=!3m1!1e3 


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