Both the Gold and the Silver fleet have a maximum capacity of 20 competitors per fleet. 

First time competitors are very welcome to this event. If you ever thought about competing but just haven’t taken that leap then this is the event for you. We have lots of experienced competitors who are more than happy to mentor and advice new competitor on the day of the competition and over the weekend.
There is no better or fun way to improve your sailing then by trying out a competition. We can guarantee you that signing up for Mayo Mayhem will change how you sail. You will start to push yourself every time you go on the water and you will become a better windsurfer. 
If you can water start, gybe and get the odd jump you are well qualified to sign up for this event. 

Gold fleet 

This fleet is for advanced rides, Some may be sponsored and some will not. Most but not all the fleet can do forward loops and some can do push loops / back loops. Being able to loop is not a necessity but it certainly helps. That said some very good non loopers with very good wave riding skills can still be very competitive in this fleet .The level for this competition would not be as high as the PWA standard.

Sliver Fleet

This fleet is open to first time wave sailors up to some very competent wave sailors. Some at the top of the fleet might be landing the odd forward but most wont. If you can gybe sometimes, water start and are comfortable blasting about in strong winds and waves, then this fleet is for you. During the competition we select locations and conditions that are suitable for both fleets and may stagger the fleets to make sure the conditions are appropriate to each fleet. This fleet is famous for the friendliness of all those who compete in it but don't be fooled,  it can also be fiercely competitive with sailors of similar levels having personal battles throughout the fleet. A huge emphasis is put having fun in a safe welcoming and encouraging environment. If this is your first event we will educate you on everything you need to know about how the competition works. We will give you tips and advices to help get you started. There are lots of experienced competitors who are more than happy to mentor and advise first timers over the weekend.

Ladies Fleet

Usually we don’t have enough female competitors to justify a ladies fleet, so female competitors compete alongside their male competitors. If numbers prevail we will run a stand-alone ladies fleet.

Non Competitor 

We would also like to encourage all those windsurfers who don’t want to compete to come along and enjoy a weekend of windsurfing. Come and get out on the water, get inspired and  cheer on those who are competing. There should be plenty of space on the beach for free sailing. All are welcome 


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