The date for Mayo Mayhem 2022 is September 30th October 1st and October 2nd. This is a 3 day event  (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  If there are no contestable conditions then  the competition will roll over to the next windy weekend. The roll over weekend will be a two day event held on Saturday and Sunday.

 The On /Off call will be made at 12pm on the Wednesday before the event and will be communicated on Facebook and Whats app

 Mayo Mayhem & Battle for the lake festival Fees  ( Festival Weekend) 
The entrance fee for the festival weekend is €75 ( Student €65) for a one day of competition or €100 ( Student €90) if there is two days of competition . When signing up we charge for only a one day event. If conditions allow us to run a second day of competition the balance of €25 for the second day of competition will be collected at the briefing on the first day.

The fee covers competition entry, a three day pass into the festival (worth €40 ), an event T Shirt, Competition Prizes & Trophies ,Judges Fees,  Stickers, Tea & Coffee, Sandwiches and materials used on the day such as flags, streamers and air horns. 

If you would prefer to Not attend the festival and just sign up for Mayo Mayhem then contact us directly to arrange. 

Mayo Mayhem Roll Over weekend fees ( No Festival)

The entrance fee is €35 ( Student €25)  if it is a one day event or €60 (Student €50) if it is a two day event.  The roll over weekend Fee is less as there is No Festival.  All competitors who paid for the festival weekend will be refund the  €40 festival fee paid  

A full refund is available to those who booked into the first weekend but can’t make the roll over weekend.


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